Bogus claims, false advertising, deceptive labeling, and fraudulent billing– these are just a few of the tactics dishonest corporations use to cheat consumers out of billions of dollars each year.

And when they do, they not only defraud their individual customers, they wreak havoc on the larger marketplace; destroying consumer confidence and undermining law-abiding competitors.

Broad state and federal laws afford consumers powerful protection against the use of unfair and deceptive business practices.  The attorneys at Cummings Manookian prosecute businesses who engage in such conduct. Our cases have received national and global media coverage for their ramifications on the public, with a number of our lawsuits even resulting in the outright dissolution of major corporations who were previously engaged in widespread fraud.

What is Consumer Fraud?

The schemes dishonest businesses use to rip off consumers are always changing and practically limitless.  There are, however, certain broad categories of unfair and deceptive practices that, despite their illegality, remain prevalent.

  • False advertising of goods and services, including misrepresenting features, qualities, or other characteristics.
  • Passing off products that are faulty, dangerous, or defective.
  • Charging undisclosed, exorbitant, or unwarranted fees.
  • Charging for services that were not provided.
  • Engaging in bait-and-switch marketing.
  • Misrepresenting a product’s sponsorship or origin.
  • Misrepresenting a product’s ingredients or health benefits.
  • Engaging in any other unfair or deceptive trade practice to the detriment of a consumer.

What Remedies Are Available to Victims of Consumer Fraud?

Consumers enjoy significant protection under state and federal law.  In Tennessee, an individual who has been defrauded by an unfair or deceptive business practice can recover up to three times his or her actual damages and attorney’s fees while securing injunctions that prohibit the offending business from continuing to engage in the particular illegal conduct.  When widespread corporate wrongdoing has defrauded a larger group, consumers can use class action litigation to leverage economies of scale and obtain relief for all of those who have been harmed.

Why Choose Cummings Manookian?

Brian Cummings and Brian Manookian have years of experience handling consumer claims at both the state and national level.  They have a deep knowledge of consumer law and are passionate about holding businesses accountable for their wrongdoing.  If you believe you have been defrauded or subjected to unfair or deceptive practices, contact Cummings Manookian today for a free, confidential consultation.