michelle-dahl-lawsuitBRENTWOOD, TN (WSMV) BY JEREMY FINLEY– When a well-known architect was stabbed to death by his son, a successful I. T. director, the case stunned Brentwood.

Daniel Cantrell spoke to Channel 4 from inside a state mental health institute to explain what he said happened.

There have been many questions about why Daniel Cantrell would kill his father, Oliver Cantrell. The two were considered best friends.

Daniel Cantrell and his attorneys said a major medical mistake was made, resulting in tragedy.

“How difficult is it for you to live with what you did?” asked Channel 4 chief investigative reporter Jeremy Finley.

“One of the social workers caught me in the hallway and said, ‘Have you forgiven yourself yet?'” Daniel Cantrell said. “And I said, ‘Not yet, but I’m working on it.'”

Daniel Cantrell is a diagnosed schizophrenic, but functional while on medication. He is married and was an I. T. director in Franklin.

He had a regular doctor at Centennial Psychiatric Associates, until that doctor was promoted. A letter alerted Daniel Cantrell he could now see a nurse practitioner.

Daniel Cantrell said when he had difficulty with his medication, the powerful anti-psychotic Geodon, that nurse practitioner, Michelle Dahl, took him off the medicine immediately. He was placed on a new anti-psychotic drug.

Daniel Cantrell’s attorney said it’s common practice to taper down anti-psychotic medication, never stop it immediately.

His medical records read to stop taking Geodon. There is no mention of tapering.

“What happened when you were taken off that anti-psychotic?” Finley asked.

“I lost a lot of my mental functionality. I started having severe paranoia,” Daniel Cantrell said.

Within 24 hours, Daniel Cantrell said he was approaching a full psychotic state. His father was concerned and kept Daniel Cantrell with him.

“I thought my dad was a robot at that point,” he said. “I thought they were going to capture me and take me around to each room and torture me.”

Daniel Cantrell then stabbed his father to death.

He and his attorneys have filed complaints with the state that the nurse practitioner had no direct supervision by a doctor.

“They didn’t even meet the state minimum requirements on that before launching her to see these patients,” attorney Brian Cummings said.

A spokesperson for TriStar Health issued a statement, reading in part:

“We work in health care because of a common desire to help people, so when things do not happen the way we all wish they would, we feel terrible. But we disagree with the contentions and we are firm in that belief. This is absolutely heartbreaking, but you cannot summarize Daniel’s case, his course of treatment, the clinicians who cared for him and the complexities of the situation by focusing only on the tragic circumstances of his father’s death.”

Daniel Cantrell was found not guilty by reason of insanity.

As a result of what he and his attorney believe happened, they have filed complaints with the Tennessee Department of Health about the nurse practitioner and two other doctors.

Emails obtained from the department of health indicate that investigation is now underway.

Source: WSMV, http://www.wsmv.com/story/28894880/man-who-admits-to-killing-father-speaks-out-for-first-time