NASHVILLE, TN (News Channel 5) – While a man who admitted to killing his father remains in a state mental institution, his lawyer said a sudden change in his medication caused him to commit the crime. Now a malpractice suit aims to prove those claims, and hold two doctors and a nurse at Centennial Psychiatric Associates responsible.

“This is a fairly narrow case where four or five individuals just screwed up big time,” said Brian Manookian, Daniel Cantrell’s attorney, from Cummings Manookian PLC.

This is a fairly narrow case where four or five individuals just screwed up big time, said Brian Manookian

A Williamson County court found Daniel Cantrell not guilty of second-degree murder by reason of insanity in August. Manookian said Daniel killed his father, Oliver, in their Brentwood home in April of 2014 because he was having a reaction to a dramatic change in his medication.

“He was descending into some powerful paranoid delusions,” said Manookian.

Manookian said Daniel Cantrell managed his schizophrenia and a typical psychosis for years with help from Dr. Michael Murphy. When Dr. Murphy was promoted, his former nurse practitioner, Michelle Dahl, and former partner, Dr. Robert Jack, cared for his patients. Manookian said Dahl changed Cantrell’s medication, which had an immediate effect on him.

The lawsuit also claims that Dr. Murphy not only failed to sufficiently transition Cantrell to Dahl and Dr. Jack’s care, but that he also inappropriately accessed Cantrell’s medical records after Cantrell was no longer his patient. Manookian said the results of the actions of all three individuals devastated a family.

“Nobody could experience a situation where a father is killed by a son and not have massive fallout,” said Manookian. “It has been devastating to all of their lives. We would like to see the defendants in this case held accountable, we would like to see the Department of Health take action, and we would like some type of financial compensation.”

Jennifer Shain, HCA’s vice president for marketing and public relations, released a statement regarding the case saying:

“We work in healthcare because of a common desire to help people, so when things do not happen the way we all wish they would, we feel terrible, but we disagree with the contentions and we are firm in that belief. This is absolutely heartbreaking, but you cannot summarize Daniel’s case, his course of treatment, the clinicians who cared for him and the complexities of his situation by focusing only on the tragic circumstances of his father’s death. Our thoughts and prayers are with Daniel and his family.”

Source Story & Video: News Channel 5