Security cameras captured a scary rollover crash on music row earlier this week, and now Channel 4 has learned, this is not the first time a serious collision has happened at that intersection.

Channel 4’s Kevin Trager looks into why so many crashes are happening in the exact same spot. Take a look at this video captured by security cameras on Music Square West. The car blows through a stop sign and T-bones another driver causing a rollover crash, miraculously, both drivers were okay.

Manookian observed, “with smoke coming off of it, I was worried that there might be a gas spill”. You can see people running out to the driver of the car on it’s side, one of them is Brian Manookian who heard the crash from inside his law office on the corner.

This is the second crash he’s seen here since moving in just over two months ago, now he’s avoiding Music Row West altogether.

“I take the alley, I don’t even turn right there”, Manookian cautioned. Among the eleven crashes at this intersection over the past year, at least two of them had injuries, Manookian believed most of them were probably caused by drivers speeding down Music Square West.

“They’re coming right off of the roundabout and it’s like a race track there, there’s nothing to arrest their acceleration, there’s no stop signs or traffic lights”, Manookian explains.

And there’s this, the stop sign on Chet Atkins is set fifteen-feet back from the corner where some drivers unfamiliar with the street could easily miss it. We found several people rolling through the intersection, they’re barely slowing down to look for oncoming traffic.

Manookian states, “I don’t know if it’s just a matter of the stop sign not being particularly visible, but it could be something really minor that can be done to correct it, but it probably should be.”

A Metro Public Works spokesperson told Channel 4 they have requested crash reports for all wrecks over the past year, and they will determine if there’s anything they can do to make it safer.

Manookian warns, “If we’re having crashes here over and over it’s just a matter of time before somebody gets seriously hurt”.