NASHVILLE, TN (NASHVILLE SCENE) BY   – The Tennessee Department of Health has opened an investigation into the doctors treating Daniel Cantrell at the time that he killed his father Oliver last year. The case was the subject of the Scene‘s cover story last week.

An email obtained by Pith shows that an investigator for the department has begun seeking documents and medical files for Daniel Cantrell in response to complaints lodged against Dr. Robert Jack, Dr. Michael Murphy and Michelle Dahl, NP, at Centennial Psychiatric Associates.

From the story:

On April 2, Daniel melted down. He paced around his parents’ house without a shirt. He held his hand in a fist with two fingers outstretched, insisting that they were permanently stuck. Oliver, concerned, did not want to leave his son alone. He decided to take Daniel with him to the new home he was building with Deborah.If the visit was meant to calm Daniel, it had the tragically opposite effect.

That much was evident as soon as they arrived. The construction workers and their equipment agitated Daniel. He became convinced that they were plotting to kill him. Where Oliver and the workers saw building equipment, Daniel saw threats. Where his father and the workers saw circular saws and other tools, Daniel saw weapons, all to be used on him.

“Every room we went into looked like a torture room,” he would later tell authorities. “I thought Dad hired the workers to kill me. Every room had some kind of torture device in it.”

They went back to his parents’ house: Daniel increasingly distraught, and Oliver unable to reassure him. Oliver and Deborah tried desperately to reach anyone at CPA. Phone logs from the practice’s answering service indicate calls at 5:39 p.m. and 6:24 p.m. “MEDICATION IS NOT WORKING. NEED CALL ASAP,” the second entry reads.

Back home, Oliver put Daniel on the phone with his brother Ryan, who attempted to calm him down.

“There were these Mexican workers there, and they were staring at me the whole time. I thought they were going to kill me,” Daniel told his older brother. As his paranoia grew, he could no longer see his father, his golfing buddy, his best friend. In his place was an assassin — a robot sent to kill him.

By this time, Daniel had begun picking up and putting down a large kitchen knife.

There are a number of questions for the state to resolve: How much supervision did Dahl, a nurse practitioner who took over Cantrell’s care from Dr. Murphy, have from Dr. Jack? Why did Dr. Murphy, who left the practice to become HCA’s national director of behavioral health, access Cantrell’s medical records after the murder? Was there any sort of transition memo outlining how Dahl was supposed to care for Cantrell?

The Tennessee Department of Health has the ability to suspend or revoke medical licenses as well as fine individuals.

Source: Nashville Scene,