nashville-car-accident-lawyersThis is the kind of music row hit nobody wants.   Another crash in a familiar problem spot, Music Square West and Chet Atkins Place.

Security cameras caught this scary rollover crash at the intersection back in June, over last year Metro police responded to 24 crashes just along this half mile stretch. More than half of them have been at the Chet Atkins intersection.

Kevin Trager spoke to public works about this a couple months ago, obviously not much is happening. The story first aired back in June since then, three months later, four different accidents occurred in this exact same intersection. After talking to people who work around here, they say they fear for drivers coming down Music Square West everyday, and that this is terrifying.

Blown stop sign, poor visibility, and crash, after crash, after crash; there have now been 14 collisions at the intersection of Music Square West and Chet Atkins Place in the past year alone.

Attorney Brian Manookian of the law firm Cummings Manookian, watches it all play out from their security monitors.  “For every accident there are 100 near misses” explains Manookian.  On August 30th a white jeep rolls through the intersection and slams on it’s breaks, barely avoided an on coming car.  There were pedestrians standing on the nearby sidewalk who could have been severely injured or killed had the jeep not been able to stop in time.  “It’s just terrifying to think what would have happened right there”, Manookian explained.

Many of the crashes are caused by drivers who miss the stop sign on Chet Atkins.  When SUV’s or trucks are parked along the street, the stop sign is blocked. Public Works has now stated they are going to put in a new and larger stop sign, move it closer to the road and also paid the letters “STOP” on the ground within the next week.