NASHVILLE, TN (WSMV) – David Chase, a well-known Nashville developer, was in court on Friday for a motion to dismiss his entire case.

Chase is facing multiple charges, including domestic violence and DUI.

Chase’s attorneys argued before Judge Steve Dozier that domestic assault charges against their client should be dropped because they claimed the star witness, Chase’s ex-girlfriend, has been dishonest under oath.

Chase’s defense honed in on several instances where the woman had conflicting testimonies.

“You didn’t tell Judge Robinson you had spoken with any lawyers, did you?” attorney Richard McGhee asked the victim.

“I did not,” the victim replied.

Attorneys also questioned if photos had been altered to enhance the color of injuries.

“I asked you and the judge asked you, had you attempted to change them through the use of a filter?” McGhee asked.

“I don’t recall,” the victim said.

Later, the defense continued their claims that Metro police did not properly preserve or collect evidence, particularly text messages and photos, that might show Chase was innocent.

The lead detective admitted he did not initially collect cell phones that were later found to be damaged. He said he later kept the phone in a desk drawer and was disciplined for improper storage.

“Not one police officer took one photograph?” McGhee asked the victim.

“No,” she replied.

“Not one police officer offered you medical treatment?” McGhee asked.

Chase is accused of assaulting his former girlfriend twice within 24 hours. The incident sparked controversy regarding the mandatory 12-hour hold law in domestic violence cases.