Cummings Manookian routinely works with lawyers and law firms across the country in referral, partnership, and joint venture relationships.

Partnering among firms can have major benefits for all parties involved. We appreciate the opportunity to evaluate contingency-fee based matters in Tennessee, Georgia, Florida, California, and Hawaii.  And while we’ve successfully litigated matters across a wide variety of practice areas, we believe our expertise, capital, and business model are especially effective in driving maximum recoveries in two particular categories of cases: Health Care Liability and High Expense / High Exposure.

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We know health care liability. We spent more than twenty years combined representing the nation’s largest healthcare corporations and physician insurance companies in their highest stakes litigation. We know the law, the tactics, the best experts, and the worst tricks from the defense playbook. Maybe even more importantly, the defendants know us. Our very presence in cases helps drives faster, larger settlements. And when the defendants won’t settle, we’re ready and willing to take it to a jury.

Health care liability cases have always been expensive and highly technical. With the recent changes to Tennessee law, they’ve also become minefields for plaintiff’s attorneys.  One only needs to needs to browse the daily release of appellate decisions to appreciate the risk of suffering a procedural-based dismissal after making huge investments in experts and analysis.  Partnering with us on cases involving medical malpractice allows you to focus on your area of expertise while we fund and prosecute the matter through its conclusion.

Our firm model is based on devoting a large amount of resources to a relatively small number of cases. We limit our caseload by choice, focusing on high-exposure matters that often require extreme work-up, extreme financial commitment, or both.

Cases demanding thousands of hours of attorney time and tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars in investment present very real risks to even the most experienced and well-capitalized attorneys.  Adding a significant health care liability or wrongful death case to an already booming practice will almost certainly negatively impact your other clients. There’s also the possibility of a large net loss if expenses exceed recovery.  At the same time, no lawyer wants to repeatedly pass on potentially lucrative matters. Partnering with Cummings Manookian, allowing us to fund and prosecute high-investment cases, frees you to focus on your existing practice while retaining the benefits you deserve for initially securing the client.

Cummings Manookian complies with all State Bar rules when entering into fee-sharing agreements with other lawyers.  The amount of the referral fee depends on the individual circumstances of each case and is determined on a case-by-case basis. Some of the factors evaluated in determining an appropriate fee-sharing percentage are: the type of case, the risk level, the anticipated costs, the desired level of involvement of the referring attorney, and the stage of the litigation.

Please contact us if you have a case you want to refer, if you want to joint-venture, or if you are litigating a case that has reached a difficult stage. Particularly in health care liability cases, we can assist at any stage of litigation and can even associate in as counsel on the eve of mediation or trial.

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